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Author: Ressa Reneth Sarreal

New Published Work in MDPI Sensors Letters Special Issues

Congratulate Ressa Reneth Sarreal and Dr. Pamela Bhatti for their recent publication in the MDPI Sensors Letters Special Issues, Magnetic Sensors! The letters manuscript describes their work on the development, analysis, and miniaturization of microcoils for magnetic stimulation of the cochlea.

Development of the microcoils addresses some of the shortcomings of traditionally fabricated, direct-current electrodes on conventional cochlear implant electrode arrays. The work involves COMSOL models and simulations, mathematical analysis of the electromagnetic properties of the coil, derivation of the coil activating function, coil fabrication using inkjet printing and aerosol jet printing techniques, experimental validation methods, and more. The article access is open source, so please have a look on the MDPI website.

The new published document is listed under the Published Work page on the website, titled “Characterization and Miniaturization of Silver-Nanoparticle Microcoil via Aerosol Jet Printing Techniques for Micromagnetic Cochlear Stimulation”.

Announcement: IEEE-NEMS 2020


We presented our progress on the development of microcoils for magnetic cochlear stimulation at the IEEE Nano/Micro Engineered Molecular Systems  September 2020 conference. Though the conference was originally intended to be in San Diego in April, Ressa has made the most of the experience by virtually interacting with the conference community by hosting a gaming lobby for conference goers to get to know each other in a casual setting.

The virtual conference platform app, Whova, recognized her activity through the Leaderboard functionality.

Published Work

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